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How To Choose The Right Hiking Clothing

More and more we choose one of the many online mountain clothing stores to buy our clothes, tools and accessories for hiking. This has many advantages like not moving from home, being able to see in a very short time a lot of offers, etc. But it also has some disadvantages, the most serious, not having the advice of someone who knows that you need. 

Precisely in this article I will show you how to dress appropriately for hiking, so that when you enter an online hiking shop you know where to move and what to buy exactly.


Surely many have read by some web of the thematic the famous theory of the three layers consisting of: a breathable layer, another that shelters and finally one that protects us from inclement weather. Well, let's explain this theory that any hiker should know to properly buy their hiking clothes.

The first layer must be breathable (synthetic materials), ie a cotton jersey is totally prohibited. Why? Some will ask, and the answer is very easy: when trekking sweat, so a breathable layer allows the sweat to pass to the outside and dries quickly, giving us more comfort; In addition, if we sweat, the temperature is low and our layer attached to the skin does not transpire well, the sensation of cold will increase drastically.

The second layer is the one that will provide us with a coat, avoiding that the heat that produces our body escapes, so that although it is cold we keep warm, usually for this purpose polar jackets are used for the upper part of the body.

Finally, we have the layer to protect us from the outside, this layer will prevent rain, snow, wind etc. Penetrate into our body, but we also need to be breathable. Now we have many garments made with membranes that allow both. And there are many jackets that provide the second and third layer at the same time and are removable. Personally I prefer these jackets when I buy mountaineering clothes in an online store.


For the lower part, in very low temperatures or in places with very changing climatology, it is also convenient to use the theory of the three layers, with a thermal mesh and trekking pants would be covered. Already in more temperate zones is enough with a trousers of hiking, long or short, according to the time of the year.

As for footwear, the first thing to take into account the climate, for dry and hot climates is to look for breathability, instead in wet and cold climates, impermeability. Also, there are a wide variety of sneakers and boots to choose from at any online store with hiking equipment, so let's explain the 4 main families we will find: mountain slippers

- The hiking shoes are light and flexible, although they do not provide the ankle support offered by the rest, ideal for short walks and without many accidents.

- The medium shank boots are also lightweight and flexible, but also offer more ankle support, are ideal for people with a tendency to ankle injuries and do not have to carry much weight.

- Tall cane boots are perhaps the most used for long routes, with a very good hold of the joint allows you to carry enough weight in the backpack and go on rough terrain with a low risk of twisting the ankle and getting injured.

- Finally we have the mountaineering boots, indicated for very extreme situations like approaches to very high peaks and lands with ice and / or snow, for normal routes are too heavy and rigid.

I would just like to add that it is always convenient to carry the three layers in the backpack, especially in unfamiliar terrains and climates, you never know what is going to happen on the mountain and it is better to prevent than cure.

I hope this article will help you for your next purchases!
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