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Carpooling: Cheap and Fun

Carpooling: Cheap and Fun

Have you ever heard about "carpooling"? In short words, it is a practice where you do "car sharing" and is usually used for short and routine journeys, such as going to work. But why not use it as a means of transportation for our travels? There are also carpooling offers between cities from different countries. It is more economical, environment friendly and we can meet interesting people.

We just need to know where to look and contact the drivers. Once the meeting time and place have been arranged, exchange data. Minimum phone number and information about the car, where possible number of registration to make it easier to identify when you are.

Always calculate that the journey may last a little longer because you do not know how fast it will be driving or there if may be a lot of traffic. That is why it is not advisable to do carpooling to get to an airport or take a plane.

Carpooling tips

1) The driver usually chooses the meeting point, but ask which way he will do. I already happened to move to the place and then discover that we would pass the corner of my house. It would be very unlikely, but sometimes it happens.

2) Bring a book, music or something to do during the trip. One of the positive aspects of carpooling is meeting the people who travel in the car, but it has also happened to me that they really do not want to talk. Unfortunately, some only see it as a means of transportation.

3) Fix the price in advance and pay at the end of the trip. Always have the exact amount of money in case the driver doesn't have any change, so you're not going to bother anyone, this always can generate problems. If you travel more than one you can always bargain for the price.

4) If you're going to travel with your luggage, that has to be specified in advance, to ensure that there is room and the driver agrees to take it. They may want to charge us more because if our luggage takes place, you will not be able to carry so many passengers.

5) It is advisable to arrange smoking if smoking is allowed.

6) If the trip is long, the driver will surely stop on the road. Anyway it is advisable to bring some food or drink so you do not have to stop just for those reasons. I usually do not hesitate to ask them to stop if they need to go to the bathroom or have some other problem. You also travel and are paying for the service, so they are in their right to request it.

7) Compare prices. For the same journey there may be very varied rates, but when comparing you will know more or less what price is right.

8) Relax, enjoy the trip and meet your fellow travelers. It is good to establish a friendly relationship and you can know incredible stories of life.
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