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Ecotourism: what, how, where?

Ecotourism: what, how, where?

Ecotourism is one of those moves that do not know if they are fads or came to stay. However, I say we take advantage and we rise to this wave. Why not? By doing ecotourism we can enjoy nature, promote sustainable tourism and save money.

What is eco-tourism?

According to the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism consists of traveling to natural regions in a responsible way, helping to preserve the environment and the communities that are there. What is important is to consider that the destinations have to be sustainable and that way they can remain attractive for tourists and locals for a longer time.

Ecotourism can increase tolerance towards other cultures, environmental and ethical responsibility and that each traveler by himself can change the way the world travels.

How to enjoy sustainable tourism?

Responsibility when traveling begins by being informed. Every traveler must know the social and environmental implications of their decisions and must be aware of them. Another way to practice it is to learn a couple of words in the language of the destination and use them with the tenants to be more immersed in their culture. You should also be respectful and understanding of local customs, even if we do not understand or agree with them. Buy your travel souvenirs to local merchants, no to the big malls, remember to be fair with the prices and do not skip the tips. Hire local guides, transportation and accommodation managed by owners living in the region.

Where to do ecotourism?

One of the principles of ecotourism is to allow smaller communities to benefit economically from tourism, so you can be sure that the money you expend there does not always go to large corporations. Therefore, a good way to make sustainable tourism is to stay in rural houses and not in large hotel chains. We can also opt for rural tourism.

Finally, I leave a list of small but significant things that travelers can do to save energy when traveling:

1) Avoid plane travels, as it is estimated that 10% of all global gas emissions come from that source. It is better (and cheaper) to stay longer in a destination than to make many a lot of short trips. In addition it is possible to know each destination in greater depth instead of being a tourist more.

2) Disconnect all plugs from your home before leaving,because they continue to consume a minimum of energy.

3) It is best to travel using public transport, on foot or by bicycle rather than renting a car. Buy rechargeable batteries for those indispensable electronic gadgets like the camera or a flashlight.

4) Enjoy your travel, be a good person and always respect the rules!
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