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5 reasons to go camping in Australia

Today I want to share with you one of the many things you can do in Australia, of course, that thing is camping. Although in this blog we’ve been talking a lot about how to camp, where to camp, and the many dangers, I wanted to give you a list of reasons of why you need to forget all that and just give an opportunity to this great way of living. You’ll thank me later. So, these are 5 reasons to convince you to camp at least once in your lives:

   1) It's the cheapest way to travel.

For those of us who like to travel cheaply, camping is our salvation. Staying at a camp-ground in conditions costs about $ 25 per night per couple (it doubles in high season depending on what type of camping you go and its geographical location, but keep in mind that a hostel is going to double or even Triplicate as well). In the campsites there are bathrooms, hot showers and communal kitchen; many often include swimming pool. Then there are the campsites that are nothing, and when I say nothing is that they are nothing more than a government-authorized land, where you can spend the night paying 5 $ to put your store (payment is done online since there is no one there to collect the money). The latter are often lost by national parks.

2) It is much less uncomfortable than it seems.

Some dare not sleep on the floor with more than a sleeping bag. Me neither. I did it once and the next day I had a bent back. That's why I carry my inflatable mattress everywhere; it's the most comfortable thing in the world! It is super comfortable and folds up so much that it is not bigger than a cushion. We always carry an automatic inflator so we will not be out of breath by inflating it manually.

3) Meet local and Australian travelers.

80% (if not more) of the people staying at Backpackers are international travelers; With which you will meet people from all over the world. But if you want to meet Australians, camping is the best. All aussies camp, and many are quite addicted to it. We have met and had super interesting conversations with Australians while camping. It is the best way to meet local people.

4) Connect more with nature.

This is one of my favorite reasons. I have traveled extensively in Australia, and almost always camping in places I do not even know how to describe in words. I have slept in woods where you could not even see the sky from the leafy trees. I have spent nights in valleys in which it seems to be day by the number of stars that illuminate the sky. I have roasted cotton clouds on bonfires with the sound of the sea in the background. I have seen hundreds of animals: koalas, kangaroos, possums, foxes, turtles, giant lizards ... For me, camping are the most authentic way to know the wild side of Australia.

5) It provides freedom.

You feel more free, without walls, in the middle of nowhere, lost, breathing pure air, with hardly any people, with hardly any noise, admiring your surroundings. Connected to the earth, to the trees, and to what surrounds you. Freedom is the most adequate word to describe what the camping is. Plus it's super fun. The 4 factors I mentioned above merge and create an unforgettable experience; unbeatable.

So I encourage you to try it: I'm sure you'll love it.
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