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Trekking: let's get ready for adventure

Trekking: let's get ready for adventure

Trekking is an activity that is developed outdoors and usually consists of walking on cliffs, mountains, jungles, forests, deserts, caves and canyons, among others. This discipline of mountaineering is considered as an extreme sport (given that its crossings are often carried out in isolated or difficult to reach places) making it part of adventure tourism. Trekking is developed along roads that have not been approved by competent authorities and therefore are more risky.

Things to keep in mind:

If you are thinking about the possibility of trekking, there are some tips that you should keep in mind:

1)  Going out as a group:

Unlike hiking, trekking is done in isolated areas that sometimes include slopes or risky journeys. It is always better to make these trips with a group of people: we will have more fun and we will have to turn to if you need help.

2) A guide is always a good decision:

Excursions to remote destinations include different access routes. A guide is always an expert in the region, knows the different ways and how to act when there are doubly climactic events.

3) Time planning:

When starting trekking for more than one day, it is necessary to plan the use of time in a rigorous way. Moving only by day and camping at night is very important. Also, you should reserve some days of rest and other days in case the bad weather does not allow you to advance.

4) Let it be on the right season:

Many routes, such as those that are destined for the summit of some mountain or access to some rather isolated regions, are accessible only at certain times of the year. It is important to know well what season is suitable for trekking in these places.

5) Do not forget to bring:

Backpack: You have to be careful not to load them too much since we will have them on their backs all day.

Food: Ideally, you should bring some cereal bars, nuts or energizing foods, as the journey is usually long and you will need to recover energy.

Canteen: Water will be fundamental during your journey. Do not forget to take your canteen and find out how and where to get more water along the way.

Proper clothing: Comfortable clothing and footwear is the fundamental premise. Sporty, loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt and pants (since the shrubs and vegetation of the place can damage our skin when walking). Footwear that supports the entire foot is ideal for this type of crossings.

Map and compass: essential to locate and know where you will go. In case you lose or break your compass, you can always make a homemade compass.

Sleeping bag: for crossings of more than one day, they are essential for sleeping. If you camp in the mountains or cold places, select the thermal type, choosing the right one for the weather that will touch you.

Carp: Make sure you bring a tent suitable for the weather in the area and if you go in a group it is possible that you have to share it with some friends.

Walking sticks: similar to ski sticks, they are very helpful when walking great distances, especially when the surface is not uniform.

First aid kit: it is always necessary to bring a kit in case of any eventuality.

Have you ever done trekking? Tell us in the comments below!
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