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7 reasons Why Melbourne is Different

If you have not sat in a graffiti-painted alleyway, between skyscrapers and have not had a comforting coffee to recover from the wind and cold, then you have not been to Melbourne. After a coffee, you may have been in Federation Square, so on a trolley to get there.

The location of modern Melbourne is the will of John Batman, its founder, who from Tasmania bought the Aborigines a region at the mouth of the Yarra River. Batman, did not imagine that 150 years later would be the second most important city of Australia. Business center and skyscrapers, but also, alternative city and full of social life.

1) Architecture

It is now one of the most expensive cities to live in, even more than New York and during the Gold Rush was the richest city in the world coinciding with the Victorian era of England. From those years there are beautiful buildings such as the House of Parliament, Princess Theaters, Regent and Her Majesty, Royal Palace of Exhibitions, Flinders Street Railway Station or State Library.

2) Trams

When many cities around the world have already eliminated their tram lines, Melbourne is still intact. The benefits of the tram in Melbourne are greater than its disadvantages, so why eliminate it if, in addition, it is the largest network of urban trams in the world. Melvinians love their trams and visitors are very comfortable to get around, especially line 35, which is free.

3) Coffee culture

As if it were a great European capital, the Melburnians are experts in coffee. There is nothing more special and necessary every morning in Melbourne than a cup of coffee. Not one, but two, three ... And it will not be for the cafes, which are on every corner, from the biggest avenue, to the most hidden alley. But each one has its own favorite barista. Of course, do not expect to pay less than $ 4 (about € 2.75) for the cheapest coffee.

4) Hidden alleyways and bars

Among skyscrapers there is space for narrow alleyways where it takes place all the outdoor life characteristic of Melbourne. You will find cafes, bars and the whole atmosphere of the city. Here, to what may seem like the back door of a restaurant, is a retro style bar where you can enter to sail and if you wish, stay away from the cold winter.

5) Street art

In Melbourne, the graffiti of the dark alleys is more than graffiti and they are considered street art. Between coffee and coffee, avenue and avenue, stroll through Hosier Lane, Degrave Street, Rutledge Lane and other streets of the graffiti route. You will notice.

6) Everywhere by bike

Melbourne is a completely flat city, the cyclist's paradise. You can reach practically any place by bicycle, thanks to the recent program of extension of lanes bike. More bicycles, more trams and fewer motorcycles mean better air quality. Although air, a lot of air is running through the streets of Melbourne.

7) Festivals

Every week there is a different event in Melbourne. From a classic game, to the Ukulele festival, or the strange environmental film festival.
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