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10 powerful reasons to know the Great Barrier Reef (whether or not you are a diver)

For those who haven't been here yet, and in order to encourage you to catch a flight to Australia and, above all, to notice everything that you will be seeing when you get there, next we will present you ten powerful reasons to attend the Great Barrier Reef show:

1) Located on the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, it can be seen from space because it is about 2600 kilometers long.

It seems a trivial reason, but it is not so much if we consider that many of the places that are said to be contemplated from space can not really, as is the case of the Great Wall of China.

2) It is considered the largest living animal in the world. 

However, it actually consists of many colonies of corals.

3) The Great Barrier Reef has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1981.

Protection that imposes measures that, for example, prohibit anchoring pleasure boats and landing on corals. Before arriving here it is necessary to know the restrictions and recommendations for visitors of the National Park Authority, published on its website.

4) The biodiversity here is so extraordinary...

... That we can find up to 1800 different species of fish, 125 of sharks and more than 5000 species of mollusks. In addition to about 400 species of coral. 215 species of birds (including 22 bird species and 32 species of shorebirds) visit the reef or nest in the islands. The Great Barrier Reef islands also have 2,195 known plant species.

5) The green turtle, the clownfish (yes, the one in the Finding Nemo movie), seahorses, marine crocodiles are some of the species that we can contemplate if we dare to practice scuba diving.

In addition there are other species in danger of extinction, like the Dugongo, that is like a manatee but its caudal fin is bilobulada. It reaches 3 meters in length and weighs more than 200 kilos of weight.

6) If you do not dare to dive with the whole team, you can always visit the place with a boat that allows you to contemplate the seabed.

Another option midway between both is snorkeling. For the hesitant, then you have what you are missing if you dare not dive.

7) In Queensland the average of sunny days is 300 a year.

So you will not have the excuse of bad weather.

8) The best way to enjoy the natural wonders of the Great Barrier is to do it in one of the resort islands spread over any of the three coral lines.

Some islands remain pristine from the time the James Cook first stepped on them in 1770. Like Angsana Great Barrier Reef, a boutique-resort on Palm Cove

9) Corals are very sensitive to ocean temperature changes.

So that due to global warming, the place could be wasted in a short time. Not in vain, corals have halved since the 1980s.

10) The tenth reason is purely for the view.

There is nothing that can be compared with this beauty.

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