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10 tips to choose a great camera for your travel (Part 2)

PART 2- 

6) Do not look at the megapixels

Although it seems to be a theme of the past, there are still people who are still looking only at megapixels when choosing a camera. The greater number of them, the bigger you can print your photo. Now, bigger size does not equal higher quality, there are other factors that we will talk about in a little while to take into account when choosing your camera. You can forget about the megapixels, since now all the cameras bring an acceptable number and it is not something that will determine your choice.

7) The zoom

Do not be fooled by a tempting digital zoom: the one that matters to you is the optical. In compact cameras you will see it in the style x3, x5, x10, and in SLR or without mirror you can identify it according to the focal distance (55-200, for example).


Sorry if we are overwhelming you with so much information, by now you should be thinking "but I just wanted to buy a camera and take pictures". If you are interested in learning photography, check that the camera you buy allows you to shoot RAW format in addition to the classic JPEG. Why? When you take a picture in JPEG, the camera is responsible for selecting all the photo settings (color, white balance, contrast, etc.). Instead, in RAW format, you can change all these values ​​without problem when you edit the photo in the tranquility of your computer.

9) The sensor

This is the most important part of the camera: the higher the sensor, the better image quality you can achieve. It will be responsible for capturing the light and transforming it into a digital image, so of course the bigger the camera, the more expensive your camera will be. You can buy the different types of sensors of the models of cameras that you are seeing in sensor size.

10) Compare before buying 

Well, let's say you've been doing the homework and looking for cameras that fit your needs, but ... how to choose just one? Since the internet exists, buying different models is just a click away. One page we recommend you to do is Snapsort, where you can put the models that interest you and see your strengths side by side.

Do you have any questions? Leave it in the comments so the answer can serve another reader who reaches this cybernetic corner. Good routes!
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