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Traveling and camping in Australia

 Sometimes you just gotta wander, and if you're after fantastic scenery and animals you can't see in any other continent on Earth, traveling in Australia is the place! But there are things to watch out for in different regions – and since Australia is huge with several climate regions, it's best to research your trip route ahead of time!

There's a reason the bulk of the Australian population is centered around the southeastern coastline – that's a temperate zone, with a subtropical and tropical zone to the northeast. Toward the middle of the continent is a large desert surrounded by grasslands! If you were interested in seeing one of the biggest opal producing sites in the world, Coober Pedy, virtually everything in the whole town is underground. Why? It gets blazing hot there, and there's no tree cover – the only escape from the sun is underground. You don't want to wander into a situation like that thinking that you'll sleep in a tent and be just fine – you need to know what to expect!

When you decide where to go, contact a local camping supply and ask them what they would use where you'll be staying. If you go camping near Uluru (formerly called Ayers Rock), you'll probably want to have a “swag”, or a sleeping bag with a mosquito net hood to keep the bugs off. If you camp in the south, you'll probably want something to help keep the chill off in the evening.

You'll also want to know what animals you can expect to see in each region. For example, you shouldn't expect to see crocodiles, kangaroos, and koalas all in the same region! And the local wildlife will dictate how you store your food at night, so check ahead with the locals to see what the best practices are. Bring your camera and take lots of photos – how often will you get to see a kangaroo bounding across the grasslands?

Sometimes you may have difficulty finding local advice on camping, just because it can be hard to find a good local authority. In that case, always check wikibackpacker.com, and after your trip, add your experiences to the page. That way future travelers can benefit from your experience!

Whether you camp in the outback or hang out at Bondi Beach, enjoy your trip and have a great adventure!
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